Friday, January 23, 2009

but if it makes you happy keep on clapping

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OK party people the real purpose of this blog will soon be realised (along with the leather backpack i promised)....shes coming on saturday, it all starts on sunday night....E.R will be here and all that collecting will be put to good use... da dah da dah da dah dum dum dum dum
LETS ROAM THE STREETS, everyones welcome, Surry Hills streets sunday twilight. we are expecting le tiger there....
Much love x B&B


  1. i have no idea what you're saying in this post, but i love it haha!

  2. Awww, thankyou sweet!

    I love Pixie.....great pics of her.

    Definatley let me know when you start up the stall, my boy lives in Erskinville so i often turn up at glebe on a saterday to see what i can find.


  3. "le tiger" was wandering the streets on sunday night. she went to hopetoun and oxford art factory for the best little bands and tooheys tinnies. he he x