Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i know we constantly say this, but i swear I'm going to find the perfect set of heel boots for the coming winter. They just seem to be avoiding me at the moment, usually i want every shoe i see but lately they have been seriously lacking. Even the guy in the corner is loving what shes wearing in this picture, ahhh such a model picture, i love it.
Also sincerly sorry for the lack of posts, i swear in a couple of weeks the craziness will slow down. its so hard to find 2 seconds to do a post, i really do miss it though!
Much love x x x

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  1. I'm in big love with those shoes! If only I could have them... all!
    And look at that girl in the street with her never-ending-legs and her amazingly-long-straight-hair...
    ps: Love your blog

  2. I'll have all of these thank you very much!