Saturday, March 28, 2009

black bird singin' in the dead of night

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I had the wierdest yet some how subconscienciously true dream last night, i was standing in this line and everyone was wearing black and pretty much the same thing, i mean everyone looked awsome but like it was all black, anyway i thought that was a sign that i should really start wearing some colour however i then overcame this thought with that its winter and colours die with autum.
Also i thought i might have a quick rant at the fact that sportsgirl has taken another designer, Romance was Born is now avaliable at sportsgirl and this just shits me, look i love sportsgirl and everything but for some reason that just particularly shitt'ed me.
Anyway back to the pictures i was browsing face hunter this morning and love love loved these pictures, im still watchng season 3 skins (i can't bring myself to get past episode 8 its just so traumatic) and i thought these remined me of effy and her 'throw on whatever i want and still look amazing' attitude
ahhh i love them, im guessing shes a model, if shes not she should hurry up, she owes it to zee' world.
Much love
x x x

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