Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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Woo sorry about the povo posting lately, have finally gotten around to watching season 3 of skins... wow to say the least, its alot darker than the 1st and 2nd... way more fucked, anyway its pretty good i suppose. Anyway! The weekend was amazing, the Ivy was to say the least magical, all of us were under the impression that someone else would bring a camera soo unfortunatly no photos sorry, but holy potatoes it was too good for words, Justin bought us our first round of drinks on the house, coooooool.
Fleet weekend passed with much much joy, sailors absolutly everywhere in the city, they are very funny, cannot imagine the pain of sailing around all year till finally getting into port at sydney for only 2 days.
Onto more iminent things, Kings of Leon tommorow night... UM WOOO, I have an odd feeling about this one, I've seen them twice now and am scared that its going to be a whole different vibe because of the massive difference between this album and their earlier stuff, anyway i suppose we shall see, of corse they are going to be amazing, the bass guitarist is mine so BACKOFF haaa. Im actually taking my camera tommorow night so i will try and get front and center for some good photos of KOL.

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  1. Bummer about no Ivy pics. I always do that. I've seen Kings of Leon once before, years ago and the vibe was really amazing, so I'll be keen to hear how much its changed now that they have all this very new fans!