Monday, May 4, 2009


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big doona of a jumpie, good op. Going to be fantastical in winter
heres a bit of Molly, i read molly's blog almost every day, shes absolutly hilarous and skillfully explains all those moments in life that seem insignifigant but are actually some of the best moments anyway shes a hoot, read her blog please y'all she makes week days just that bit easier. "america's next top noodle"
"For everyone who’s ever gone to school or work, a shower in the afternoon is exotic. It’s an interesting kind of exotic—a matter of the context rather than the thing itself introducing a thrill.
A shower in the middle of the day grants precisely the feeling that eating breakfast for dinner or rearranging the furniture in your room does. It’s pleasing because it is different and voluntary but not immediately repeatable."
Molly Young

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  1. Love this look.
    Simple and great.
    Will definitely check her ouy.