Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dree Hemingway and amazingly well dressed friend that i should know but i don't. I would almost go as far to say Dree Hemingway you have the best hair i've ever seen, please cut all of it off and hand it over. Thanks.
Sorry the posting has been a bit slow lately, the HSC once again is getting me down and Bab is on the count down to Paris (21 days) cough take me with you cough.
Not long however until my escape to America weeeeee
Sleep tight everyone,
x x x

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  1. love these looks and dree's mulberry bag.
    glad you like the blog. it's funny you mentioned my abundance of aussie posts cause i just posted about abbey lee, lol. i love australia even though i've never been there. heartbreak high was my favourite show growing up and i was surf obsessed. to this day i can't get enough of aussie fashion labels, magazines ♥ russh (my fav.), models/actresses and aussie top model ( watch it every week on youtube ). plus, i think aussie girls have some of the best style and blogs (yours included). i'll be back.

  2. Ah the hsc was a horrible!
    I can't believe you even find the time to post. Good luck!