Thursday, February 19, 2009

amongst a crowded place


When we grow up we're going to have a big ass 'loft' just like this in NewYork. We were even in witchery the other day and they have these huge mirrors against the walls, we decide we will have those around the place when we get our old warehouse. it wouldn't even have to be coloured, just a giant open space with a corner of clothes, a corner of shoes, a library all of our own and a grand piano just like theres .

The Selby is seriously hours of fun, warning though it does make you infitatly jealous of the cool places that these people have and the amazing places throughout america that they live. Dank street, Surry Hills is kind of where the love all began, just a suggestion that you should go there one sunday and munch on some of the tastiest food ever and wander around the old converted warehouses.

Anyway amigos just thought we'd share our cool life plan with you all,

Much much much love to you all

x x x

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