Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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Image source : Sara Phillips

In lue of my afternoon off i decide to spend it entirely productively, i.e blogging. We've been meaning to show you this collection that we love love love, it only makes me want winter so much more, i love just about every single piece in the autum/winter 09' collection.

Ok so this has been peeing me off for awhile now, I've tried asking alot of people how to fix it, maybe y'all have the knowledge that B and i are seriously lacking, how the eff do we fix all our side stuff to move back from down the bottom back to the top left? so incredibly annoying.

Much love x x x

Post script : OHMYWOWLOVELYCASSIEPANTS i fixed our blog problem, woo!


  1. oo lovely. especially the last photo
    and ps i love your header image! wheres it from?

  2. ahhh i know they make me want winter so much!
    Its Nike, shes a model its from her blog Dear Nike, shes amazing, have a look at her blog and you shall fall in love! she one cool girl!