Thursday, February 19, 2009

off to see the city girls again

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Almost the weekend, heading into the city on saturday, starting that winter shopping, wooooo, so much i would love to collect, choices choices.
Am currently avoiding doing an assignment thats due tomorow, apologies for the 1 picture posting, will get back to it soon.
Am in love with this boy, given he comes from paris, what a babe, i would roll him for his jacket.
Much Love b+b
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  1. that is a blogworthy pic right there. you know what is not blogworthy...SOR. totes in the library. ps its lexy.

  2. if by SOR you mean study of religion, i agree.

    he is yum.

  3. Haha yes we do! ahhh SOR is such a stuggle for us haha :)
    x x